A YouTube Star Was Drugged, Kidnapped and Locked in a Basement for a Week

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Trisha Paytas often makes YouTube videos that are ~questionably true~, but her latest storytime vid is 100 percent accurate (according to her, at least) and 100 percent terrifying.

The 27-year-old has talked about how she had a sugar daddy years ago, and while she says they were never intimate, there was a time when he got a little too close for comfort and prompted her to tell him off, which made him upset. The next night, he asked her to go to a club with him for $500, she agreed and the next thing she knew she was in his basement wit her clothes nowhere to be found.

“I took some cookies [from him] and that was the last thing I remember until I woke up the next day in his house, in his basement, naked,” she explained.

Thankfully, Trisha “did not feel like [she] had sex the night before,” so she doesn’t believe she was raped. The YouTuber also knew whose house she was in, so she was “not super freaked out” at first. But then she tried to get out and realized the door was locked and there were no noises coming from upstairs. On the fourth morning of being trapped inside the dark basement, the man finally came downstairs and told her he’d let her go home when she started being truthful.

A couple more days passed before the man came back crying and said he made a mistake and took her home. Months later, the blonde cut off all ties with her sugar daddy and tried to report the kidnapping to the police, who basically didn’t believe her because she didn’t come forward right after it happened.

So freakin’ scary.

We can’t believe Trisha’s story actually happened, just like how we can’t believe these Tana Mongeau storytimes are legit: