Popular YouTube Star Comes Clean About Longtime Drug Addiction

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Ever since Trisha Paytas started her YouTube channel more than nine years ago, she’s been a completely open book. The 27 year old has talked about her past as a stripper, scary encounters with fans, political views, and tons more, but there are three secrets she says she “never opened up or shared on YouTube ever.” And while two of those three facts are still not known, the blonde’s Fishies have finally been let in on one of the major struggles she’s been dealing with for years — a addiction to painkillers.

The YouTuber explained that she’s had back problems from a very young age, but when she began stripping at age 18 it got progressively worse, to the point she would cry from the pain. So, when her ex-boyfriend offered her Vicodin for back pain, she accepted, even though she knew it was illegal. “I liked the feeling of not feeling my body,” she said in her latest YT video.

Trisha went on to explain that she eventually went on to take two to three pills a day, and started combining them with other forms of medication. When she was “20 or 21” she had to be rushed to the hospital due to an overdose.

“I had to get my stomach pumped [because] I had taken too many pills. I was basically dead on the floor. I had taken too much Vicodin.”

The dancer and singer eventually moved out of Los Angeles and into her dad’s house because she “felt like [her] life was spiraling out of control” and wanted to get herself back in order. But despite her best efforts, the back pain came back when she returned to stripping and she therefore turned to pain medication once again.

“I abused them two more times where it was another flat line situation and I’m in a hospital,” she emotionally revealed.

Although she eventually went to rehab and started going to church, which she said really helped her in overcoming her addiction for quite some time, she began doing drugs once again last year.

“I was taking Percocets to kind of make my body feel good and calm me down. It numbs my mind. It’s very hard for me to explain. You think, ‘Well, one makes me feel good, so let’s try two, three.’ And they’re strong. I’ve had close calls.”

Trisha hasn’t taken any pills since March 1st, and felt compelled to share her story after all this time to hopefully help other people who might be dealing with the same thing.

We sincerely hope Trisha gets the help she needs.


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