Trisha Paytas Breaks Up with Boyfriend Jason Nash After He Calls Her Fat

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Trisha Paytas is no stranger to sitting on the floor of her house and emotionally talking to her millions of viewers on YouTuber. Whether she’s discussing her mental health issues, d-bag exes or heartbreaks, the 30-year-old is always, always completely real with us. The blonde beauty has been in a relationship with former Vine star Jason Nash for quite some time now, but when we saw her tearstained face pop up in our YT subscription box last night, we knew something was seriously wrong.

Unfortunately, our suspicions were right, as Trisha revealed that she recently broke up with the 45-year-old entertainer because he legitimately called her fat.

Jason and Trish were doing an interview for a reality show they were going to do together when he decided to compare them to another YouTube couple that often travels.

“He said, ‘Yeah, except me and Trish, we’re both fat,’ she revealed.

The “Silence” singer is aware that this probably isn’t a big deal to most people, including Jason who didn’t apologize because he thinks she overreacted, but weight is a huge insecurity of hers and she simply cannot get past the remark.

She continued through sobs, “I’ve never, ever had anyone say it to my face — a friend, an enemy, someone I’ve hurt, anyone I’ve broken up with — I’ve never had someone refer to me as fat to my face and then tell me I’m heavy.

As a result of Jason’s comment and her own insecurities, Trisha says she’ll be taking a break from YouTube and social media until she loses 50 pounds.

Our hearts are absolutely broken for TP. She clearly loved Jason so much and we cannot even imagine what it must’ve been like for her to hear him say those words. Trisha, you’re perfect just the way you are!