YouTuber Taking Break from Internet to Get Treatment for Mental Health Issues

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Trevor Moran has never tried to hide his battle with anxiety and depression, often talking about the mental health problems in his YouTube videos and on social media. He told in an interview last year, “[The first time I had a panic attack] I was in Hawaii on the beach and the ocean didn’t seem as pretty and the trees didn’t seem as green. I was having a pretty bad day. And then out of nowhere this wave of fear came over me. There was no real reason to it. Something might’ve brought it out, but I’m not quite sure.”

While the 18-year-old said his anxiety was “on lock” just under a year ago, the recent passing of his grandfather triggered some serious “mental health issues,” causing him to step back from social media and get help.

“Hi all — I have been up in the bay area of California studying meditation, spirituality, and working with very smart people for the past few days,” he wrote on Twitter after disappearing for about a week. “As many of you might know, my grandfather recently passed away & it has been really hard for me. I have been dealing with a lot of mental health issues recently & the whole grandpa thing really just set me off. It feels good to finally get some help. Life is such a precious thing. I’m learning how to appreciate it more & soak up each moment day by day. Hope you…all have had an amazing, blessed week!”

It takes a lot of courage to admit you have a problem, and even MORE bravery to seek help. We hope Trevor’s openness will help someone who is also struggling.

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