Why One YouTuber’s Coming Out Video Was Way Different Than Most

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Over the past couple years, a slew of popular YouTube stars decided to open up to their subscribers and talk about their sexuality. One of those stars is Trevor Moran, a now 17 year old who came out as gay in a video that he says was strategically lighthearted and “a little inappropriate.”

“Mine was the fun, joking around, it’s really not a big deal you don’t need to cry, video,” he said as we chatted a few weeks ago. “Like, I don’t wake up every morning and go, ‘I’M GAY OH NO!’ It’s really not that big of a deal. I liked being in my room alone like, ‘Hi! This is how it is.”

In fact, the Trevor even said he was excited for people to know the truth about his sexuality, because it would answer a lot of their questions.

“I thought people would like me better, because they were confused. They could tell. It was an awkward middle stage. I needed to give them to it straight…winky face.”

Just over a week before Trevor posted the Q&A video, he uploaded step one to his public-coming-out journey, a music video called “I Wanna Fly.” And while the YouTuber was super comfortable to answers his fans’ questions about his sexuality, he WAS pretty nervous for them to see the professional vid.

“I was having like, little panic attacks a minute before it came out,” he said. “I was like, ‘Can I call Vevo? Can I just tell them not to put it up? I don’t want it up! I don’t want it up!’ I was freaking out. But it was fine.”

Although Trevor didn’t actually experience a panic attack prior to “I Wanna Fly’s” release, they are something he’s dealt with in the past.

“[The first time I had a panic attack] I was in Hawaii on the beach and the ocean didn’t seem as pretty and the trees didn’t seem as green. I was having a pretty bad day. And then out of nowhere this wave of fear came over me. There was no real reason to it. Something might’ve brought it out, but I’m not quite sure.”

The teenager says his anxiety is “on lock right now,” but he knows that it’s a real issue that thousands deal with every day and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“I don’t want people to think it’s a trend or anything. It’s kind of offensive to people who have it. I don’t get offended easily, but for the other people… it just sucks how people sometimes think of it as a joke. Like, ‘oh it’s just anxiety get over it you’re fine.’

Trevor went on to tell us that when he starts feeling anxious, he gets on his phone, texts his friends and says, “Hey, I’m kinda freaking out right now, but just tell me about your day.” Another thing the former Our 2nd Life member says he does to combat the disorder is listen to fun, upbeat music, which is part of the reason why his own songs like “Got Me Feeling Like” are so lively.

“I want to make fun songs where people don’t really have to think; people like Adele make you think about your feelings. When you listen to my music I kind of make you forgot about your problems and have fun. I’ll be your bandage slash stitches.”

We love it! If you’re like Trevor and use music to escape from reality, you’re going to LOVE the rest of his EP, Alive, which you can buy now!

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