Hottie of the Week: Newbie Justin Deeley is The Hottest 90210 Dude Ever. Or Is He?!

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The CW/Splash News

On the current season of 90210, Naomi is caught in a little love triangle between dating her nerdy BF Max and super hot newbie Austin, played by Justin Deeley and, um, we think it’s no-brainer. Justin’s a cowboy on the show and a former underwear model IRL. No competition, right?

But here’s where the competition comes in — we’re pitting the Bev Hills newbie against the Bev Hills veteran who recently got cut, Trevor Donovan and having you help us decide who deserves to be our Hottie of the Week. We know, we know, it’s not going to be easy looking through these pics and deciding who’s hotter, but it’s gonna have to happen.

Take a peek at the (shirtless, scorching hot) pics below, then it’s onto the voting: