13 Trendy Statement Pieces You Should Actually Never Wear

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In many ways, there is an argument to be made that we are the peak era of jewelry. The increase of markets for independent artists and vendors has ensured that there is a boon of creativity in all things jewelry-related. You can wear hi-tech bracelets. Earrings with Drake‘s li’l face superimposed on them. A variety of breast, vagina and penis-adjacent jewelry pieces, which means that, should you so desire, you may wear an entire anatomically correct body on your own body. But, with all peaks also come some definite lows, and some jewelry that’s available now? It is, objectively, very bad.

As with all things, you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul, and, as such, it is your ultimate duty to Just Do You. I am not here to police anyone’s outfit choices or personal style preferences. It’s just that, in doing “you” by wearing these specific pieces of jewelry, you might not communicate quite the right “you” that you’d like people to see. (Or, at the very least, the kind of “you” that would totally get you grounded if your mom knew that you’re wearing it on your secret Instagram account.) Anyway, check out these trendy pieces of jewelry that, in most cases, I really would not advise that you ever wear:

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