12 Trendy Bags You Should Actually Never Buy

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Shop Jeen

If you’re the kind of person who buys clothes ironically — you know, like an Ed Hardy hat or Guy Fieri T-shirt — consider yourself warned. This is a list of truly and deeply terrible purses that I’ve found around the web, so chances are pretty good that you might own some of the bags.

Of course, there is an argument to be made for the worth and power of their items. While certainly, ahem, problematic, they are all intentionally and aggressively so, and, as such, an entire Women’s and Gender Studies dissertation could probably be written about how carrying around a purse with James Franco‘s face all over it is actually a means of asserting one’s femininity and saying “suck it” to the patriarchy. So, just keep in mind this list of bags you should never buy is not a drag, necessarily, should you choose to buy them. You have free will! Do what brings you joy! If buying a transparent purse with holographic unicorns all over it is the thing that brings you joy, by all means, buy that holographic unicorn bag. (I’ll admit that I, myself, was quite tempted by this Diet Coke clutch purse.)

It’s just that some of these items cost just a little too much money to solely be worn “ironically” or to “prove a point,” you know? Like, sixty dollars is sixty dollars, whether it’s spent in jest or not. Check out these trendy bags you should never buy — unless you love them in earnest. In that case, go for it:

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