10 Things You Need to Know About Ansel Elgort’s Replacement BFFs

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Ahh, Ansel Elgort‘s new movie, Men, Women & Children is premiering super soon! So, of course we’re doing one million happy dances straight to the box office to buy our tickets. But do you want to know a secret? We’re not just excited to see Ansel in a new role. (Although that is a big reason we’ve already canceled our October 17th plans.) But the other reason we’re so pumped is because it features cute newbies Will Peltz and Travis Tope (who we’re dubbing Ansel’s replacements for Nat Wolff)!

We know those names probably aren’t so recognizable for you. And that makes sense, considering the fact that they’re so new to Hollywood. But we thought that we’d welcome them onto our screens and into our hearts by naming them our twin Man Crush Monday hotties. Is that a thing? We’re totally making that a thing right now. And after you discover these ten things about them that you HAVE to know, you’ll agree with making it a thing, too: