Travis Scott Edits Transgender Model Out of Astroworld Album Cover

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Travis Scott‘s new album, Astroworld, is just two days from being released and he just showed off the cover art last night. But hey — the release was a surprise in and of itself, so might as well keep ’em guessing with the artwork, too. When transgender model Amanda Lepore took a closer look at the photograph, which she was featured in, however, she realized she was completely edited out of the final version. WTF?!

“It was great being part of @david_lachapelle s incredible photograph of @travisscott s albulm [sic] cover but I’m curious why I’m not on the picture @travisscott posted,” she wrote on Instagram along with the original image, which she is posing in.

We created a little side-by-side image of the photo the 50-year-old post and the one the 26-year-old shared so you can see the differences easier. This isn’t a ‘spot the difference’ game, however, so we’ll just tell you that you should be looking at the region behind the purple couch.

Instagram (@amandalepore) / Epic Records

Travis has not yet responded to Amanda’s question of why she got the boot.