This Girl Made a Prom Dress Out of Trash Bags and It’s Actually Gorgeous

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We know that we’re just weeks away from prom season, which means that if you’re going, there’s a good change you already know exactly what you’re going to wear. However, if you’re falling behind and haven’t yet purchased a gown for the big night, we know just thing to wear: TRASH BAGS.

Yes, you heard that correctly… trash bags are in, at least according to Amber Scholl, a YouTuber who decided to create a prom dress out of — you guessed it — garbage bags. So, what was the inspo behind the ~unique~ evening gown? Well, according to Elite Daily, with over 1.6 million subscribers, Amber is always flooded with comments saying that she’s so pretty she could rock a trash bag, and, well, look where we are now:

Isn’t that impressive?! If you’re finding yourself to be very intrigued by this fabulous (and low-budget) DIY project, it may just be simple enough for you to try it out yourself! In a tutorial she posted on her channel, she created the look using only a few supplies: trash bags, a body suit from Macy’s, some masking tape, and fabric glue. Simple as that!

After rolling the trash bags to make them look like roses, Amber glued them to the bodice. Then, she threw in a sheer maxi-skirt and glued additional, larger roses to the bottom hem. Ultimately, you would never even guess that this dress is made mostly of garbage bags because, TBH, it’s that fabulous! Seriously, the people of the Twitterverse cannot stop freaking out:

The lesson here is, if you’re scrambling for a prom dress, you don’t necessarily have to look far. With a little creativity and inspo from Amber, you can create something that’s absolutely stunning, even if it’s made out of trash bags. Not to mention, you’ll save a lot of money that way too, and who doesn’t love some good savings?