This Transparent Face Mask May Look Basic AF, But Trust Us… It’s Not

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Lately, it seems like just about everyone is obsessing over face masks, and TBH, we can’t blame them! Not only are they just fun to use at the end of a long day, but they usually smell AMAZING and do wonders for our skin.

Typically, face masks come in all sorts of fun colors and styles, and some even have the faces of your favorite zoo animals printed right on ’em. As exciting as that is, though, nothing is quite as exciting, in our humble opinion, as this completely transparent face mask by Glow Recipe.

While the product is unfortunately not available for purchase at the moment, the company’s co-CEO, Sarah Lee, has been teasing it all over her personal Instagram lately. We know what you might be thinking — a clear mask? How cool can that really be? Spoiler alert: SO freakin’ cool!!

We told you!! The mask, which is virtually invisible, makes her skin look shiny and fresh and is totally on target with one of the latest skin trends known as “glass skin.” On her Instagram, though, Sarah referred to this particular mask as “face gloss,” and TBH, something tells us this is going to change the skincare game entirely!

The best part is that you can use the mask any time and hardly anyone will notice! Honestly, though, based on her Insta feed, it doesn’t seem like Sarah cares much about being judged for using masks out in public; she’s ALWAYS trying out new products (seriously, go follow her on the ‘gram)!

While it’s unknown when exactly this mask will be available for purchase, spend the time between then and now staring at her photos in complete envy. We know we are!

Snoozin’ and maskin’ #30daysofmasking

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