11 Amazing YA Books That Have a Transgender Main Character

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We love going out with friends just as much as the next person, but there’s something special about staying in with a good book. When we decide to have a night to ourselves, we go all out because there’s nothing better than a pile of blankets, yummy candles and an escape into a new reality. And when you can relate to the main character in some way, too, the whole reading experience becomes way more personal.

YA books are sometimes known for having repetitive themes and similar storylines, and then can easily be mixed up. Like was it The Hunger Games‘ Katniss Everdeen or Divergent‘s Tris Prior that was willing to sacrifice herself to save the greater good? Hint: it was both. As much as we absolutely love young adult noves, we are definitely looking for more inclusion and diversity in our reading. We know how important it is to see yourself reflected in books, which is why we have been rounding up some of our all-time favorite books with diverse main characters.

It’s important to celebrate our differences and support those who have felt silenced for so long now more than ever before. Some of the biggest celebrities have been using their platform to protest President Donald Trump‘s bigoted decisions, including one that bans transgender people from serving in the military.

Additionally, more mainstream forms of entertainment are becoming more diverse. Just as we took a look to find all the transgender characters on some of our favorite television shows, we wanted to find the best YA books featuring a trans person in a big way. We love that these stories are compelling, funny and relatable for both those who identify as transgender and those who do not.