15 Transgender Characters Portrayed by Cisgender Actors on TV

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Hollywood is having a major awakening right now. Film and TV studios have finally started to realize the value of hiring diverse cast and crew members, and minority groups are seeing themselves represented more and more on-screen. While the increase in diversity is long overdue, it’s only just beginning. We still have a long way to go before everyone feels fairly represented, especially when it comes to transgender characters.

The television industry has a long history of casting cisgender actors for transgender roles. These actors no doubt do a great job (sometimes) but for trans actors, it’s frustrating. After all, they can play these parts better than anyone, but casting directors often choose big names over everything else. Famous actors draw in more viewers and thus more money, and most famous actors happen to be cisgender. It creates a never-ending cycle that stifles opportunities for trans actors. Thanks to social media, this behavior is now being called out, and studios are listening to people’s critiques. But unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the way. Keep scrolling to see 15 transgender TV characters that were played by cisgender actors.