5 Transformers Fan Theories That’ll Leave You Stunned

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Transformers: Age of Extinction is now in theaters. And, although Shia LaBeouf won't be around to kick butt anymore, Mark Wahlberg and newbies Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor certainly will, along with robotic favorite Optimus Prime.

To get into the spirit of Michael Bay's fourth Transformers film, we scoured the Internet for the craziest fan theories about the Autobots & Decepticons. Just for fun.

1. Michael Bay's Transformers are actually human creations from the future. "Humans created the All-Spark, which gave life to Transformers. The Transformers fought and utilized the All-Spark's ability to teleport, sending everyone 4 million years into the past."—Reddit

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2. Naturally, the Illumunati's involved. "We can also get a healthy dose of obelisks and pyramids, which are favorite Illuminati symbols to be flashed in the people's faces… Since the story follows the standard 'good vs. evil' plot, the resurrection of Optimus Prime is more to do with resurrection of many pagan and mythological gods like Odin & Horus, not Jesus. Since it is next to the pyramids, it is more likely to be Horus. And Jesus does not possess shape-shifting abilities."—Tumblr (lightoftruth)


3. Revenge of the Fallen borrowed from The X-Files. Prior to the film's release in 2009, the author of Blogspot's Secret Sun blog had to say this: "I don't know much about Transformers, but it seems the new film is going to head into familiar territory… I mean straight into The X-Files' ancient astronaut mythology of "Biogenesis" and "The Sixth Extinction," which Revenge of the Fallen seems to borrow liberally from." For more details, click here.

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4. Michael Bay "amplified everything that was wrong with the animated movie." Not really a theory or hidden message here. Cracked just decided that it hated everything about the newer versions of the classic cartoon.


5. Optimus Prime is the Six Million Dollar Robot. On the animated TV series anyway."In the Season 2 episode "War Dawn," a group of Autobots travel 9 million years to the past to Cybertron, where they encounter a naive dock worker named Orion Pax, who appears to be wearing lipstick for some reason… That robot naturally turns out to be Optimus Prime before he rebranded himself and sanded off a few wrinkles here and there to hide the fact that he's over 9 million years old."—Cracked

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