Madison Beer’s Mom Defends the Guy Who Verbally Abused Her Daughter

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When audio footage of Jack Gilinsky verbally abusing his now ex-girlfriend, Madison Beer, leaked over the weekend, fans were rightfully pissed. Although the 20-year-old issued a public apology for his actions, many people felt that it was too little late and refused to forgive him. One person who didn’t feel as angry toward the singer, however, was the 18-year-old’s mom, Tracie Beer. We know — shocking.

While you probably would’ve expected the woman to defend her daughter to the death, especially after hearing such a disturbing exchange, she actually chose to stand up for HIM and publicly forgive him for his words.

“As upsetting as it was to hear you speak to @madisonbeer that way, it was also so upsetting to hear that audio leaked & read all the derogatory comments towards you,” Tracie commented on his apology post.

The woman went on to say that there is “no excuse” for what he did, but he is “human” and “made a mistake,” which she “forgive[s]” him for doing.

She continued, “You’re a kind, well-raised young man who spoke in anger, which took me over 30 years to realize you should never do.”

We’re all about forgiveness, but it’s also important to acknowledge that what Jack did to Madison was verbal abuse and should be taken very seriously. Yes, people make mistakes, but that doesn’t diminish the severity of what he did.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please click here or call 1-800-799-7233.

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