It Looks Like Trace Cyrus & Brenda Song Both Moved on from Each Other

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To say that Trace Cyrus & Brenda Song‘s relationship’s tumultuous would be an incredible understatement. The Metro Station musician and the Disney Channel alum first embarked on their emotional roller coaster in May 2010; by October 2011, the couple got engaged (post-pregnancy rumors). But, it didn’t take long for their first split; the pair called it quits, for the first time, in June 2012.

Since then, T & B got back together, broke up, got back together, reportedly got engaged again, called it quits, reconciled again… and that was all by the end of 2014!

Come 2015, the drama hit an all-time high. “Trace is the most loyal and kind person I know,” Brenda said. “He would never ever even think to cheat on anyone. EVER. Please respect our right to a little privacy. Trace is an amazing person please don’t defame his character. @tracecyrus”

Trace’s response to that statement was far less amicable. “Brenda commented this on the picture I posted today of the girl I was hanging out with last night,” he began. “This is probably the realest thing Brenda has ever said. It seems like in most relationship [sic] the guy always gets blamed for cheating or being dishonest. Especially since I’m in a band and have the image I do people make me out to b [sic] a bad guy.”

“The truth is the only reason Brenda and I aren’t together is she has been a pathological liar for years and lied to me about horrible things,” he continued. “I’ve tried over and over to forgive her and us move forward together but the lies never seem to stop. This has gone on for years and years.”

There was more, but you get the gist.

Anyway, a few days later, things went from bad to worse. Addressing the aforementioned pregnancy rumors, Brenda wrote, “I usually never speak of my personal life, but I’d like to clear up some rumors. A few years ago there were rumors I was pregnant and/or had a miscarriage. I just want to say that those rumors were not true. They were just lies and fabrications. I apologize for not clearing this up sooner for the continual damage that these lies have caused @TraceCyrus. We may no longer be together but I hope he can forgive me and I wish him nothing but the best.”

“Yes they were lies,” he confirmed. “THAT U MADE UP and told me, my entire family and all our friends.”

So, you’d think they’d be totally over by that point… but, one month later, this happened:

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And that was the last anyone really knew about the two; that they were back in each other’s arms, and all was, umm… fine?

Fast forward another two years, however, and it looks like both of them have moved on with other people.

Rumors are swirling that Brenda’s dating Home Alone star/Changeland co-star Macaulay Culkin:

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Amidst that buzz, Trace posted this photograph with another woman:

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No word from either camp on the rumors — but we wish them both all the luck in their love lives!