Cheat Sheet: The Top 10 Teen.com Stories You Missed This Week!

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Didn’t log on to Teen.com every day this past week? We’ll forgive you this time. But before you get ready for the weekend, check out our top 10 stories—and make sure to visit us more often!

1. Every young actress ever like Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Watson is vying for a part in The Hunger Games. Who do you think they should cast?
2. Demi Lovato‘s back! You’ve gotta watch her heartfelt video message to her fans.
3. And Selena Gomez? She’s back too! Take a listen to her new single, “Who Says”.
4. The hotties of Red Riding Hood gave us dating advice in this exclusive video.
5. Poor Justin Bieber got mobbed by fans in Liverpool. Just another day in the life of the Biebs, we guess.
6. Zendaya takes us on-set on the last day of filming Shake It Up season 1!
7. Gwyneth Paltrow was amazing on Glee this week — and so were her outfits! Which one’s your fave?
8. Speaking of Glee , which song is Charice going to sing when she comes back to the show?!
9. We miss Greek so much already. Hence why we made the guys from the show our Hotties of the Week. Yum.
10. Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne covered two of our fave pop songs. Which cover do you like better?