From Our BFFs: What Are the Top 100 #firstworldproblems?

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In case you don’t know what #firstworldproblems are, they’re just difficulties experienced by those living in wealthy countries (like the U.S.). Some examples: #2 Twitter is over capacity. #21 Annoying group texts. #14 Teen Mom. Oh, just watch. It’s hilar!

Uh oh, there’s a battle going on between TV newbies Grant Gustin (Glee) and Chris Zylka (The Secret Circle). To help them along, all ya gotta do is vote! [Wetpaint]

It’s actually official — Selena Gomez broke up… with The Scene. Say it isn’t so, Selly! [Cambio]

Since Adele‘s a big-time Grammy Award winner now, let’s look at the best lyrics from her 21 album, shall we? [HuffPost High School]

Ya know, we’ve been wondering what power couple Kevin & Danielle Jonas have been up to lately. So it makes it that much more exciting to see them out and about at this big NYC event… [Just Jared Jr.]

Taylor Swift‘s not the only celeb on the upcoming soundtrack for The Hunger Games. Though she is the only one that’s on it, count ’em, THREE times! [J-14]

And speaking of THG, have you seen its latest marketing campaigns? They’re genius! [Hollywire]

Even though Rihanna and Britney Spears called off these relationships a while ago, they still top the Worst Celebrity Couples list. And here’s why… [Posh24]

But let’s leave on a high note — cute animals playing instruments. Adorbs! [gURL]

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