YouTube Star Avoids Jail Despite Forcing Underage Kids to Perform Sex Acts

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This is just disgusting. Even though YouTube star Tom Laywood (a.k.a. Tomisnotawesome) plead guilty to three counts of “inciting underage boys to engage in sexual activity,” two counts of doing the same to young girls, and one for forcing a minor to watch a sex act, he will not be going to jail.

Instead of heading to prison, the British-born teenager got sentenced to 12 years of community service and won’t be able to worth with or contact anyone under the age of 16 for five years. Tom also has to get treatment for apparent mental health issues. Judge Michael Stokes of the Nottingham Crown Court explained his decision:

“As I am sure you appreciate the offences to which you pleaded guilty to are very serious. It is quite clear that your problem is long standing and I cannot remember a case where the defendant has been the subject of so much analysis than you have been. It is perfectly clear from all of the reports that your behavior is rooted in the conditions which you suffer and which have had a debilitating effect on your ability to judge situations. You are a very intelligent young man and you have huge ability, but without going into all of the details your ability to judge situations like other young men is affected by your conditions. I know you had a very nasty time when you were in Nottingham Prison and you do not want to go back there. Your parents have been very loyal and they remained loyal and supportive to you throughout this lengthy process.”

As a part of his sentencing, Tom, who committed these crimes between August 2014 and April 2015, no longer has an active YouTube channel and his Twitter has been deleted.

Disgusting. We just hope the victims got the justice they deserve.


This isn’t the first time a YouTube star was slammed for a sex crime: