17 Moments When Tom Hiddleston Proved He’s the Funniest Person Alive

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Tom Hiddleston (a.k.a Loki) is a bonafide expert at grasping any opportunity for fun during promotional interviews, premieres, and appearances for Thor: The Dark World. Needless to say, the results are always charming, hilarious, and mind-numbingly adorable. This post just exists to help you fall even harder in love with Tom Hiddleston than you already are, highlighting our 17 favorite times he was an absolute gem.

And if you've never heard of Tom before this moment, let me translate: You are Alice, and this post is the rabbit hole to your Wonderland.

1. When Tom 'LOKI'D' Josh Horowitz on MTV's After Hours


2. When he perfected the damsel-in-distress pose à la Natalie Portman


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3. And traded nose 'boop's with Anthony Padilla.


4. When he unabashedly sang 'Stand by Me' and then juggled.

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5. When he offered his interviewer a jacket. 

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6. When he impersonated Chris Hemsworth impersonating him. 


7. When he pushed this child over.

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8. When he's modest. 

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9. When he said this. 


10. And screamed out of a car dressed as Loki

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11. When he had a red carpet dance-battle with Zachary Levi

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12. "Sorry Luke, they call me."


13. His response to this question.

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14. This tweet. 

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15. When he danced like this.

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16. And this. 

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17. And finally, when he said this, following up by biting his lip and hanging loose.

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Bonus! Tom on Sesame Street. Let's all sigh a collective "Awww".

What is Your Favorite Hiddles Moment?

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