7 Girls Taylor Swift’s New Bae Dated Before Sweeping Her Off Her Feet

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Although Tom Hiddleston gained success in Hollywood thanks to his huge acting roles, the star has never been in the public eye quite as much as he is right now. The 35-year-old made his name known by portraying the Loki in the mega-popular Marvel films The Avengers and Thor, but it seems as if his biggest OMG move was being spotted kissing Taylor Swift just weeks after she broke up with her boyfriend of over a year, Calvin Harris.

While Tom’s current relationship status has made headlines on every major news site, his past romances were never quite as ‘popular.’ But even though Hiddleswift may be the only one of the actor’s pairings you can think of, he’s definitely been linked to quite a few stars in the past. From co-stars and producers to old friends, Tom has quite the dating timeline!