Bet You Didn’t Know Tom Hiddleston Was in the Running for These 9 Roles

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We’ve been blessed with some awesome Tom Hiddleston roles over the years. Whether it was him playing Loki in Thor, Sir Thomas Sharpe in Crimson Peak or Jamie Macmillan in Exhibition, we’ve seen just how talented he really is thanks to his various gigs. And although he began acting on television back in 2001, his first film role wasn’t until 2006’s Unrelated. But as he’s quickly risen to fame and popularity (we’re sure dating Taylor Swift helped with that), he’s lost out on a lot of roles, too.

For instance, while not an acting role per se, the 37-year-old was supposed to star in a 2016 Armani campaign, which is a huge deal. But when his relationship with T.Swift picked up and he was making headlines practically every day, Armani dropped him! Super unfortunate because, well, Armani is awesome. Sometimes, however, he’s been #blessed when it comes to roles like the time he replaced Benedict Cumberbatch in Crimson Peak, which worked out very well in his favor. But what other roles was he in the running for that he didn’t get? Keep reading!