Did’ya Know? Tom Felton’s a Total Romantic!

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We all know that Harry Potter star Tom Felton is a hottie, but now we know he’s a total romantic too! In a new interview, Tom talked all about his girlfriend, Jade, and the crazy romantic things he does for her.

Um, is he trying to make us jealous melt?

“I’m incredibly romantic. Young Casanova here! Once every couple of months, I do things properly. I get roses, teddy bears and balloons. It sounds corny, but I also write songs about Jade and play ballads on the guitar.”

Yeah, if by corny he means cute! And even though Tom is happily hooked up (tear), there’s still hope for us regular folk to win his heart:

“To me, attractive is a girl in her pajamas with no make-up,” he said. “I’d choose pajamas over a ball gown any day. Effort is so unsexy.

Do you agree that undone is a better way to get a guy’s attention? Do you wish Tom was single and ready to mingle? Tell us!