Happy Birthday, Tom Felton! The 5 Best Draco Malfoy Cakes

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Holy cow, Tom Felton‘s 25! Can you believe it? The little bad boy who made Harry Potter’s life a living hell is now in his mid-twenties. That. Is. Nuts! So, just like we did for his bestie, Rupert Grint, and even Emma Watson‘s HP character, Hermione Granger, we’re celebrating Tom’s big day, Teen.com-style. What does that mean exactly? Well, we’re glad you asked. That means we’ll be bringing you the best cakes dedicated to Slytherin and/or Draco Malfoy himself. (’cause after all, Tom will always be devious Draco in our eyes.) Check out our top choices, then make sure to send Tom your bday wishes in the comments!

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