1 of Your Fave YouTube Gamers Accused of Drugging & Raping MULTIPLE Women

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YouTubers have faced their fair share of criticism for doing some pretty effed up things in the past, but this perhaps takes the cake. YT gamer Toby Turner, who you probably known as Tobuscus has been accused of drugging, assaulting, and raping his ex-girlfriend April EffieTumblr post titled “The truth about Tobuscus.” After describing how she was cheated on and manipulated for a long time she continued on about the sexual abuse.

“I notice now how I was also being manipulated and forced. He thought it was a game to keep going when I would say no. He would grab me and try to tear my pants off and I would say no and pull them back up. So forcefully that they would tear. I still have my pants folded in the drawer that have ripped belt loops and holes in the crotch from him trying to tear his way in. I even headbutted him once bc I was starting to see another guy and did not want to be physical with him. But I was so scared of losing him that I would just let him win and have his way with me. He would call me his girlfriend, then if he found out I told someone I was dating him he would accuse me of trying to ruin his career and insult me.”

According to April, “the drugs really started” in 2013, which led to “very violent” abuse. One time, the pair went out to dinner only to have him get angry about something and call her “stupid [and] a f*****.”

“He started punching things in the kitchen [when we got home]. He kicks his stove and I get out of the way as he punches the pantry door. It has a big giant crack in it. (He later covered it with a Chinese new year calendar and made jokes on vlogs saying, ‘how did this get here?’) I’m crying and he’s blaming me for stuff, and then I go and sit down on the beanbag chair he has in the living room… I’m nothing but a hyperventilating crying mess and I’m having a panic attack and shaking, when he starts taking off my pants and saying, ‘shhhhhh.’ He sets me down on the end of the bed and starts having sex with me. The entire time I’m crying and mumbling for him to stop but he keeps saying, ‘shhh.’ After he’s finished, he pulls my pants back on and I turn to my side and keep crying. I honestly don’t remember if he cuddled me after. Maybe he did.”

It was after this horrific incident that the women know she “had to find a way to get over him.” Although she distanced herself from the 31 year old, one day she went over to his apartment, and was convinced to do a shot with him. It was then that she “knew something was wrong” becasue the vodka had a “bitter taste.”

“I asked him if he had slipped something in my drink. ::insert cute grin with gryphon voice denying it:: I asked a bunch of times and he denied. But I already knew the answer. I also knew that the people who die from MDMA/molly have always been mixing it with alcohol. That both of those together are a DEADLY mix. That Toby is a drug addict and that the amount of drugs he put in my drink are far more than I will EVER be capable of handling. I start crying and telling him he’s going to kill me… I am SO F***** UP at this point that I honestly don’t remember what happened. Did we have sex? Did we only talk? I’m not sure. All I know is at some point he is passed out cuddling me on his beanbag chair and I’m just staring straight ahead wide awake with anxiety. I literally feel like I am being held hostage and kidnapped. I don’t know this man. I want to escape but I am so f***** up that I cant leave. Once I feel like I can maneuver a car (the next afternoon), I drive home. I really shouldn’t have drove but I needed to escape him. I come home and my roommates are in the kitchen. They would be so mad if they knew I was still talking to Toby after the blatant rape, so I tell them that someone at a bar drugged me. They tell me to go to the hospital and I say I just want to lay down. I go in my bed and just start sobbing. I was f***** up on this drug for 3 days. I regret never going to the hospital. I regret never going to the cops for what he did. I honestly thought about his career ruined and I didn’t want to hurt him bc I loved him. How messed up is that? He had just tried to kill me. I knew I was too weak to go to the hospital, but I made sure to text him what he did so I would have evidence. So I would at least have a text proof that he drugged me. So he couldn’t turn around and deny like he always did. Like he denies ever dating me now. What’s messed up is the text he gave me before I texted the proof. “’twas fun.” Yeah. FUN.”

April’s post (which you can read in it’s entirety here) opened the door for OTHER women to come forward and corroborate her story. Amelia Talon said, “what she wrote was something I could have written. He’s aggressive, sexually. I have seen him grope and tear pants off of women right in front of me. He tried to do it to me.” Clare Lourdes also stood with April saying, “I can say that my time with him has given me the experience and perspective to believe their accounts are absolutely true. As all victims, they deserve to be heard, acknowledged and understood. Not doubted and disparaged. It gives me no more pleasure affirming these accusations as it does to the women making them but, in my way, I stand with them and with all victims of rape and domestic violence.”

Toby remained silent on the accusations for quite some time, but uploaded a short video telling his side of the story this morning.

“I’ve never done anything without her consent. I never tried to trick her into anything. I read her Tumblr post and I was shocked and I was hurt. These allegations are absolutely false. I just wanted to address it. That’s all.”

Toby’s not the first YouTuber to be involved with a sex scandal…