25 Tired SpongeBob Memes Perfectly Relatable to All Lazy AF People

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SpongeBob SquarePants strikes again! The animated King of Memes is back with yet another viral image that’s causing the social media world to lose its dang ish. Let us present to you the latest meme craze — Tired SpongeBob!

This bad boy comes less than a month after Savage Patrick took over the Internet but, not gonna lie, we think it might take the crown. Oddly enough, the memed stills of SpongeBob and Patrick come from the same 1999 episode of SpongeBob SquarePants

The tired SB meme shows everyone’s favorite underwater animation leaning against a wall, naked and out of breath. Many people can relate to this after a hardcore workout or finishing a tough test, but most don’t need that intense of a reason to feel utterly spent. Had to make two trips to the car to take out all the groceries? TIRED SPONGEBOB! Forgot to bring your phone into the TV room so you had to walk and get it? TIRED SPONGEBOB!

Basically, if you’re lazy AF…you can most likely relate.