25 Tiny Travel Tattoos Perfect for People with Hardcore Wanderlust

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You’ve seen the lights in Paris, drank the best wine in Napa, got the perfect ‘grams in Amsterdam and lounged in the dead sea in Israel — we hate to break it to ya, but you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust!

The only real way to cure this condition is to hop on a plane (or train or automobile) and go travel the world, but that isn’t always the most practical thing to do. Unfortunately, things like school, work and ya know, life, get in the way of being able to drop everything and go on an adventure whenever you please. But if you’re someone who has a serious desire not only to explore what the earth has to offer, but also be reminded of the journeys you’ve already been on, a good option for you might be to get a tattoo.

We’re not talking about getting an entire city skyline inked across your back, because while that’s totally epic and all, not everyone wants body art that’s super noticeable. Luckily, there are tiny tats that are equally as cute as they are special for anyone whose middle name is ‘Wanderlust.’