This Actor Thought He Would NEVER Get Cast on 13 Reasons Why

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Before Timothy Granaderos was known for playing Montgomery de la Cruz on Netflix’s hit series 13 Reasons Why, he brought ANOTHER bad boy to life on go90’s t@gged. But just because the Michigan-born dude often plays characters that that aren’t the nicest people doesn’t mean he’s like that IRL. In fact, his nice-guy persona is probably part of the reason why he had to audition, like, a MILLION (okay…that’s an exaggeration) times for 13RW!

“I think I read for Justin Foley, Tony [Padilla] and Jeff Atkins, and I had gotten kind of far along in those audition processes, but at the end of the day I didn’t get any of those roles,” he said in a recent phone interview with Teen.com.

Eventually, the actor got sent one more role to read for, but he was very hesitant because of his previous failures.

“My agent sent me Montgomery and she was like, ‘Just self-tape this!’ And I literally thought to myself, ‘I’m not getting on this show; I don’t know what the point is.'”

While the 30-year-old didn’t have high hopes for his final audition, which he “did with [his] buddy on a whim,” it’s the one that landed him a spot on the most successful Netflix original of all time.

Tim continued, “That’s why it’s just one of those situations where you never know unless you try.”

Montgomery wasn’t the only character that caused the star go through an ~interesting~ audition process, though. Timothy plays Ash on t@gged, which was a role he never thought he’d get.

“I remember thinking that I’m not cool enough to play this character at all,” he laughed. “So I put on a backwards hat and tried to act as cool and with as much swagger as possible. Ash is from the street so he’s got a bit of a rough exterior.”

You can imagine how fun it was for TG to play a character who is basically nothing like him IRL, but if you’ve seen the show, you know the episodes sometimes get intense. There was one moment that actually got so extreme while filming that the actor had a hard time separating himself from the emotions once the cameras stopped rolling.

“One particular scene on season 2 [of t@gged], I won’t reveal what the scene is because I don’t want to give stuff away, but I am very angry and I actually try and break a skateboard on the wall and it’s just like the overall scene. I’m just very aggressive and very angry,” he remembered. “It took me a while to come back from being that mad.”

Tim hopes to continue challenging himself as a performer on the second season of 13 Reasons Why, which was recently confirmed to be happening.

“It’s just exciting to go back and hopefully hang out with all of those people again,” he said.

While you wait to see the 13RW crew back in action for S2, you can quench your thirst by watching Timothy in all his bad-boy glory on t@gged, which airs every Tuesday on go90!

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