15 of the Most NSFW Tweets Fans Legitimately Sent Timothée Chalamet

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We think it goes without saying that the entire world has been seriously crushing on Timothée Chalamet lately. He truly had an incredible 2017 by becoming one of the youngest actors nominated for Best Actor at the 90th Academy Awards and for being part of two of the biggest movies of the year, Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name. Not only is the 22-year-old super talented, but he’s pretty nice to look at, too, if you know what we’re sayin’.

Being the Timothée fans that we are, we obviously needed to get some merch to show off our love for him, but we also wanted to look into other ways to support our new fave. While we choose to support him through pins and cool shirts, other people have turned to writing fanfiction so naughty that it’ll make you blush. We also realized that some Timmy fans have even taken this a step further and basically took those NSFW fics to life on social media — and sent ’em his way! These naughty messages are bold AF and will make that peach scene from CMBYN look tame.

1. No need to yell.

2. What the actual eff?!

3. We don’t think a post office will accept this.

4. But this was still graphic, tho.

5. No thanks!

6. We don’t think Shakespeare would like this poem.

7. At least you asked?

8. This is sweet… in a way.

9. NO!!!!

10. This seems like an overreaction.

11. TMI!

12. WHY?

13. An interesting comparison.

14. …wut?

15. This is a lot to take in.

16. You’re welcome?

17. Good one.

18. How…sweet?

19. Fill in the blank.

20. Is this a compliment?