9 Epic Times Taylor Swift’s Squad Publicly Came to Her Rescue

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We all love knowing that we have a good group of friends to lean on when the going gets tough, but when it comes to Taylor Swift‘s squad members, you either hate them or want to be them — there’s no in-between. However, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the “Bad Blood” singer’s group of girls, you have to admit that it’s kind of awesome that she has such a solid entourage of friends.

For those of us who are lucky and have a tight-knit group of loyal BFFs, it’s comforting just to know that they’re there and that they would stick up for us in any situation. But just like us, Taylor has a tried-and-true group of pals that would do just about anything for her… and the truth is, she probably needs those kinds of BFFs more than anyone.

As one of the most famous musicians in world (or THE most famous, let’s be real), Taylor is under constant media scrutiny no matter what she does. And although it’s amazing for regular people like us to have great friends, it’s especially important that Taylor has celebrity besties that will step up and publicly defend her image when her character is in question. Check out all of these times that Taylor’s squad came to her rescue: