All the Times Internet Star Jacob Sartorius Said He Needed a Girlfriend

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It’s safe to say that everyone knows who Jacob Sartorius is right now. In addition to currently being on the Magcon tour alongside hotties Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter and Taylor Caniff every night, the 13-year-old landed in hot water recently when he allegedly harassed a fan to send him nudes and then claimed that it wasn’t him. If that wasn’t enough attention for the “Sweatshirt” singer, just the other a day a fan asked to take a photo with him and then hit him… and filmed the whole thing.

With so many things happening in his life, Jacob has been able to see who is true fans are and how willing they are to support and stand up for him. His supporters are quick to comment all over his social media saying that they’ll always be there to lend a helping hand… even in the relationship department. And let’s just say — Jacob seems to be very willing to accept the offers. The young teen may be single right now, but it’s definitely not for a lack of trying.

1. The time he just really wanted a girlfriend Is it just us, or does Jacob sound a bit like Veruca Salt?

2. Or the time he legitimately needed a significant other in his life. It’s not a want — it’s a need.

3. One time he needed a girlfriend so bad he was actually in pain because of it! Because not being in a relationship is SO hard, ya know?

4. Now he’s complaining to all his dudes that he needs a relationship. Nothing says ‘friendship’ more than commiserating about being single together.

5. And here he can’t even sugarcoat it — he’s just getting straight to the point! Bing, bang, boom.

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