6 Times Fifth Harmony Shaded Camila Cabello HARD for Leaving the Group

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We’d all be fools to think that all five original members of Fifth Harmony could remain friends after the huge blowout that ensued in December 2016, when Camila Cabello announced her departure from the group. The drama was broadcasted everywhere, from Twitter to TMZ and, almost instantly, Harmonizers around the globe knew that whatever was happening, it wasn’t good. Would the rest of the girls be able to survive in the music industry without vocal powerhouse Camila Cabello? The future of the once-THRIVING girl group was, for the first time, unclear.

Since the fallout, the remaining four young women have been working relentlessly on somehow filling the void left by Camila when she decided to jump ship. And although at times the girls would like it to seem like everything’s on the up and up, there have been more than a few occasions when they just couldn’t seem to hide their contempt for their former bandmate. Check out these six times Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei threw total shade at Camila. FAIR WARNING: This is going to hurt a bit.