All the Dramatic Times Demi Lovato, Quote-Unquote, Quit Twitter

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Demi Lovato‘s own words get her into a lot of hot water. In recent months, she was hit with a ton of backlash after making an offensive comment about her own mental illness, saying a racist quote about her ex-boyfriends, starting an awkward feud with Nicki Minaj… Honestly, we could keep going on and on, but we’ll settle for the latest drama.

Recently, the 23-year-old “Stone Cold” singer was on the receiving end of major criticism for starting drama over a literal meme that had nothing to do with her. Because of the haterade sent her way, she quit Twitter… for 24 hours. And it wasn’t even the first time she claimed she would step away from the social media site. Here’s a breakdown of all the dramatic times Demi Lovato, quote-unquote, quit Twitter:

In 2010, when she disappointed her fans. Supposedly, the Disney Channel alum was meant to show up at a meet-and-greet with the Jonas Brothers. Instead, though, the JoBros made an appearance, but D.Lo ended up partying with We the Kings guitarist Travis Clark. According to one fan, Demi said, “I don’t feel like meeting fans.” Naturally, this led to outrage, which led to the Demster’s first ~break~ from her account:

She entered rehab shortly after.

In 2012, post-Sonny with a Chance. Some believe it was a potential coverup for another stint in rehab, but that was never proven.

In 2013, when she experienced yet another heartbreak. There’s been talk that this one during one of the times she broke up with longtime love Wilmer Valderrama.

In 2016, after she talked smack about Mariah Carey. There’s a meme going around that insinuates Ariana Grande is the cheap version of the elder diva. So when Demi got a hold of it, she informed the world that the viral picture is far from the truth, igniting an unnecessary war with Mimi’s fandom. She didn’t understand the negative reactions to her honesty.

She quickly made her return a day later, warning saying, “F*ck this.. I’m back bitches. And I’m coming back more honest than ever,” and:

TBH, everyone saw that coming — her exits really have lost their effect.
Demi Lovato’s not the first and only celebrity to “quit” Twitter: