All the Times Iggy Azalea Looked Exactly Like Her Bestie, Demi Lovato

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In 2012, we discovered a minimum of eight moments in which Demi Lovato looked like other celebrities — including Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian & Katy Perry — but that was long before the Disney Channel alum became best friends with Iggy Azalea. Now that the two are bonded, though — the 23-year-old brunette was actually supposed to be one of IA’s bridesmaids! — we can’t help but notice the similarities between ’em.

If you didn’t see it before, you certainly won’t be able to unsee it after this. Here are all the times the blonde rapper looked exactly like her “Stone Cold” bestie:


When the Iggster basically was Demi’s Demi album cover.

It’s like a throwback to Demi’s own blonde days.

Serving Demi face.

When they both served the same face.

Finally, when you couldn’t tell where Demi ended and Iggy began in their morphing.



Even if you love Demi Lovato, you know that she suffers from a bad case of word vomit. Here are eight times the “Stone Cold” singer took back her WTF quote: