26 Perfect Times Celebrities Shut Down Sexist Interview Questions

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If you’ve ever watched the footage of an awards show red carpet, you’ve heard questions like, “Who are you wearing?” and “How do you stay in such great shape?” and “What’s your secret for ~having it all?~” And while women get questioned on their outfits, their makeup and their workout regimens, men get deeper questions about their film roles and their careers. Men are also given suits from designers who want publicity — so why aren’t they asked about them? Men, too, work hard to keep their bodies in shape in Hollywood. So why aren’t they asked about the gym? Of course, they sometimes are, but women get asked these things much more often, and get asked the hard-hitting questions much less often.

And honestly? Everyone is pretty sick of it. It’s time to #AskHerMore and do things differently. Here are 26 perfect times stars shut down sexist questions:

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