Tiffany Haddish Kicks Off the 2018 VMAs by Dissing Fifth Harmony

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The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards just started and the shadiness is already real! Tiffany Haddish kicked off the show by mentioning how Camila Cabello is nominated for five VMAs as a solo artist this year and couldn’t help but diss her former group, Fifth Harmony.

The 38-year-old first joked about how hard it is to pronounce the 21-year-old’s name, but then transitioned into shade.

“Camila Cabello is nominated for five VMAs tonight; five of ’em! I’m super proud of her. So those of you watching at home… hi Fifth Harmony,” she said.

The camera immediately panned to the “Havana” singer who was totally not here for the diss, even though the 5H girls shaded her HARDCORE at last year’s show.

But Cam isn’t the only one who wasn’t feelin’ Tiffany’s diss. When Nicki Minaj took the stage to accept the Moon Person for Best Hip Hop Video, she let the Girls Trip star that it’s not cool to call out 5H.

“Tiff, don’t be coming for Fifth Harmony because Normani is that bitch,” she said at the very beginning of her acceptance speech.

Ya know what? Nicki is TOTALLY right — Normani really IS that bitch!