Tiffany Haddish Defends Herself Against Beyoncé’s Ruthless Beyhive

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As you’ve probably heard or seen by now, comedian Tiffany Haddish revealed to GQ that an unnamed actress BIT Beyoncé (YES, BIT QUEEN BEY) on the face at Jay-Z‘s 4:44 concert after-party at The Forum in December. But before we get into more specifics about this wild story — like who actually did it — we just have to talk about how ANGRY the Beyhive is with Miss Tiffany.

To no one’s surprise, after all this information started coming out, members of Queen Bey’s fandom started calling the Girl’s Trip actress out for running her mouth. They also attacked Tiff in the comment section of her Instagram with a ton of bee emojis. So much so, that the 38-year-old had to come out and defend her actions.

She posted this fierce Instagram pic and wrote back to all the haters, “Ya’ll forget I am in the hive too and just know this I will always speak my truth. That’s not going to stop. The Queen kept me from doing something half of you Bees would have done no matter what.” Tiffany went on to say in her caption that she learned a lot from B and will always have her shero’s back.

Now, after all of that, we’re pretty sure you are DYING to know who bit Yonce. Well, according to TMZ, multiple people claimed that Tiffany revealed Queen Bey’s biter to a ton of people and it is apparently none other than Sanaa Lathan. And if you don’t think you know who she is… you do. She’s graced dozens of TV shows and movies, including Love & Basketball, Contagion and Alien vs Predator.

We heard that the actress went to talk to Jay at the party and got a little too close for Yonce’s liking. That’s when the “Don’t Hurt Yourself” singer went to talk to Sanaa, who brushed off any notion of inappropriate behavior and then jokingly bit Beyonce. The outlet explained that it was NOT an aggressive bite, but a playful and noninvasive nibble. (Umm, we’re pretty sure someone putting their unwanted fangs on a Queen’s face is invasive.)

Tiffany actually tried to get involved and step in, but Beyonce reportedly stopped her because she was convinced Sanaa was under the influence. The 46-year-old actress has since denied putting her teeth on Bey’s face and said that even if it did happen, it shouldn’t be misconstrued as an aggressive bite but as more of a love bite:

Erm, we guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯