And The Winner is… Chris Brown! No, Wait, Rihanna! Um, Actually, Drake? (Video)

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Umm, well this is awkward. Last night’s BET Awards were probably loads of fun for a ton of people, except this girl. Tiffany Green, a contest winner, got the amazing chance to announce the winner of the Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award. And blew it. Twice. This poor girl.

Now this you’re gonna need to watch…

Anyone would be nervous presenting an award to a celebrity, right?? But Tiffany looked totally poised up there until things took a turn for the worse. After announcing that Chris Brown had won for Look At Me Now, Tiffany looked totally confused, so she took another stab at it and said Rihanna. Yikes! Then she announced Drake as the winner, who made light of the situation with a joke, but it turns out Chris was the winner all along! Watch the awkwardness below:

We would be totally mortified if this was us. How about you? What do you guys think of the flub? Was it her fault or fault of the producers of the show? Let us know in the comments!