23 Thoughts Everyone Has on Graduation Day

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For many, high school graduation is right around the corner. While graduation day is really exciting in theory, sometimes it’s not as action-packed as you would have imagined.

In fact, there are a LOT of thoughts that go through your mind during that day, and while it’s hard to nail ALL of them down, here are some thoughts that everyone has on the day they graduate. See them below!

1. OMG, I’m graduating from high school today.

2. When did this happen?!

3. I feel so old.



4. I hate this school!

5. Wait, I love this school.

6. I might actually miss this place!

7. So many mixed emotions right now.



8. I can’t wait to never see any of these people ever again.

9. Well, I’ll see them at Grad Nite tonight, THEN I’ll never see them again.

10. Well, I guess I’ll know what they’re up to because we’re Facbeook friends, but still. You know what I mean.

11. Or maybe I’ll see them at the reunion, I don’t know.

12. I hope my parents don’t do anything embarrassing when they call my name.



13. These gowns are awful.

14. Wait, the hats are even worse.

15. How are you supposed to wear this cap?

16. I hope I’m like ACTUALLY graduating. What if there was a class I missed or something.

17. Wait, this ceremony is actually pretty boring.



18. Why are they giving so many speeches?

19. I hope they pronounce my name correctly.

20. OMG it’s happening, I’m getting my diploma.

21. Oh, that’s it? I don’t feel any different yet.

22. OK, time for a million pictures.

23. Now what?



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