9 Thoughts Every Young Girl’s Had About Her Ex-Boyfriends

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Breaking up is hard to do, but moving on after that breakup is usually even harder. Because, once you’re used to being with someone all of the time, adjusting to life after him is tricky.

Not only might you have to deal with seeing him around (especially if you go to the same school, ugh!), but you’re definitely going to be thinking about him a lot. And, when you do, these nine thoughts are definitely going to cross your mind:

1. “I hate him.” Whether you actually do or are just trying to convince yourself that you do is up for debate.

Annoyed Arms Crossed

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2. “I miss him.” 🙁

Chey Lloyd Crying

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3. “I wonder what he’s doing right now.” If he were still your boyfriend, you could just call and find out. But that option is off the table now, unfortch.

4. “I really hope I don’t see him today.” When you are just not in the mood to feel sad or upset just by looking at your ex’s face. Or, alternatively…

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5. “I hope I accidentally run into him today.” When you’re looking and feeling super cute, sometimes all you want is to show your old flame what he’s missing out on.

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6. “How crazy would it be if we got back together?” Never completely writing off the possibility of getting back together is every girl’s weakness at some point or another.

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7. “My friends were totally right.” Too bad it took me so long to see it!

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8. “I miss his dog.” With whom you probably had way more cuddle sessions. Plus there’s his family to consider.

It Isn't Fair Love-and-Other-Drugs

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9. “Boys suck!” Which is less of a direct thought about him than it is a thought directly caused by him.

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