10 Things to Know About VJ’s ‘Fun Size’ Co-Star, Thomas Mann!

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As Halloween is rounding the corner, we’re starting to gear up for tons of candy (and cavities), crazy-great costumes and parties galore. Another Halloween must that’s on our list? Heading to the theaters this Friday, October 26 to catch Victoria Justice and Thomas Mann‘s new movie, Fun Size! Thomas is an up-and-coming actor playing Roosevelt, who has a huge crush on Victoria’s character, Wren, in the film. When Wren loses her little brother on Halloween night, Roosevelt makes it his mission to help her find him. But Fun Size isn’t the only flick on Thomas’ plate. He has As Cool as I Am (with Claire Danes and James Marsden!), Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and the much-awaited film, Beautiful Creatures, all lined up for 2013!

Find out more about Thomas’ upcoming projects, his hobbies and why he doesn’t have a Twitter:

1. Thomas Mann is a Portland, Oregon native who moved to Dallas, Texas when he was two.


2. His hobbies are skateboarding and ice hockey.


3. He went back seven times to audition for a party movie called Project X. “I had done a movie previously called It’s Kind of a Funny Story, so they told me that I couldn’t audition because I had a previous credit. They were really strict about having unknowns for this found-footage film,” he shared with NextMovie.com.

4. How did he end up scoring the role? He had his good friend and It’s Kind of a Funny Story cast-mate, Zach Galifianakis, put in a good word with producer Todd Phillips.


5. He got the chance to film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (out January 2013) in Berlin, Germany. Also? He was one of the youngest cast members on set.

6. Thomas will be playing protagonist Ethan Wate’s best friend, Link, in Beautiful Creatures. “What I loved about Link when I read the script was how lovable he seemed. While Ethan has to deal with all this stuff with Lena, and all the supernatural stuff, he can confide in Link. So I just wanted to make sure that I was the fun loving guy,” he told Hypable.com.

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7. In school, a classmate took Thomas’ favorite sweatshirt and put it in the toilet as a joke. He ended up having to fish it out with a plastic bag.


8. He recently got to hang out with his co-star, Victoria, and special guest Carly Rae Jepsen at the Mall of America for an advanced screening of Fun Size.


9. He played high school heart-throb Brendan Nichols on an episode of The Middle.

10. He doesn’t have a Twitter because he likes keeping some sort of mystique as an actor! We bet his tweets would be hilarious though.


Check Out a Clip From Fun Size!