12 Memes of Ivanka Trump Gazing at Justin Trudeau That’ll Make You Say, ‘ME!’

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Ivanka Trump recently made headlines for a reason that’s a bit different than normal. The 35-year-old took a page from her dad, Donald Trump‘s, book when she was photographed gazing at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with SUCH love in her eyes that people couldn’t help but turn it into an Internet joke. Here are some of the best ‘Thirsty Ivanka’ memes that are LITERALLY all of us when we have a crush:

1. Trueeeeee:

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2. This guy’s a magician!

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3. #RelationshipGoals

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5. Lolz.

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6. It’s totally fine!

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8. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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9. Oh, did he?

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10. DELETE IT!!!

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11. *covers eyes*

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12. Poor Jared.

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Ivanka definitely doesn’t look at these stores with love in her eyes anymore — they all dropped her merchandise!

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