12 Things You Wish You Could Say To Your Teacher But Probably Never Will

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It’s December. In terms of, like, the calendar year, this means that a lot of really awesome things are on the horizon. Christmas! Hanukkah! New Year’s Eve! The time of year in which it is finally socially acceptable to watch the film Elf every single day!

In terms of the school year — the academic calendar, if you will — things are looking a little more bleak. You’ve got finals. Exams. End-of-semester presentations and projects. As such, you’ve probably gotten to the point in the school year in which, when it comes to your teachers, you have a lot of thoughts. And, like, not good ones, since being assigned group projects tend to eat up all of your general goodwill. You can’t really say any of these thoughts, however — no matter how badly you want to — since, you know, your teachers control your grades which, basically, means that they control your future. Plus, it’s not what you really think. You’re just stressed. Right?

But don’t worry. Today, I am here to say those things for you. Here are the things that you really, really, really wish that you could say to your teacher (but probably never will):

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