11 Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Frenemy But Never Will

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There’s nothing quite so perversely rewarding as having a frenemy, is there? It’s the privilege of having that one person in your friend group who, for whatever reason, you feel that you have the right to dislike, for even the most petty of reasons. Like, maybe they laughed at you when you said the wrong thing in class–boom. Frenemy.

At the same time, while there are some nice things that go along with having a frenemy, there are some pretty bad things, too. Such as, for example, the fact that there are some thoughts that you are longing — simply itching — to tell them, but, well, they’re kind of your friend. So you can’t. But don’t worry, I’ve laid all of those thoughts out here for you. Read this list and think about how deliciously awkward it would be if you actually said these things aloud:

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