10 Things About High School No One Tells You You’ll Miss

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There’s no doubt that you’ll definitely miss high school. You know it; everyone makes sure that you know it. But which parts you start to miss once you’ve left will probably surprise you. Sure, you’ll miss your youth and the overall lack of responsibility in your life. But no one ever warns you about these other ten things:

1. Having a consistent schedule. Most people have the same classes everyday. It’s so much easier to keep up with!

2. Lunchtime. Once you leave high school, the idea of having a designated time that you and all of your friends eat lunch is a myth.

Let's Have Lunch

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3. Study games. You know how your teacher splits the class into groups and you play Test Jeopardy? Yeah, don’t get used to that.

4. Your guidance counselor. In college, there is an advising office. But your advising will never be as personalized as it was in high school.

5. School pizza. Sure, you can have real and better pizza any time you feel like it. But, even still, nothing compares to a good ol’ slice of frozen lunchroom pizza.


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6. Meeting up with your friends before school. For breakfast and gossip. Most people just grab ‘n’ go breakfast after graduating.

7. Gym class. After high school, you have to pay real money to get exercise at a facility during the day. Even in college, the fee is tacked onto your tuition fees.

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8. Having your crush walk you to class. In college, everyone’s doing their own thing. Getting walked to class happens rarely-to-never.

We Almost Held Hands

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9. Preparing for prom. The Prom Experience is less about the actual night and more about the weeks leading up to it. It may seem stressful, but cherish the moments.

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10. The work. Or, should we say the ease of the work, in comparison to what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.

So Much Work

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