10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You & Your Sibling(s) Have a Huge Age Gap

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Sometimes it sucks to be the last-born child; other times it can be freaking fantastic! But you know when you don’t have to really worry about being the oldest or youngest or even the only child? When there’s a huge age gap between you and your sibling. Especially if there are no kids in between the two of you. To prove it, here are ten things you’ll only understand if you and your siblings have a serious age gap:

1. First off, you never experienced the classic sibling fights your friends talk about. Think about it — what’s there to bicker over when you don’t share the same place, steal each other’s clothes, push for your parents’ attention…? Ah, peace.

2. In fact, you have more of a parent-child relationship than a sibling one. Which means it’s like the younger ones have more adults to look up to and take care of ’em, and the older ones learn how to be responsible for another human being without having to birth one themselves.

Tumblr (teendotcom)

Tumblr (teendotcom)

3. Though, sometimes people think you actually are parent and child. Thus, the dirty looks by elderly women. “I swear he’s not mine!”

4. Both ends get to experience what it’s like being an only child because there are no other kids around when they’re growing up. That can be a great thing… but also kind of sucky at the same time.

5. If you’re the youngin, you get to have the ‘cool older sibling.’ Right on.

6. If you’re the elder, you get to have the ‘cute baby sibling.’ Aww!

7. You’ll eventually become super close. …when you’re both above a certain age.

8. Need advice? Fortunately for the younger of the two, he/she can just ask his/her older sibling about anything rather than suffer through the embarrassing parent convos. Lucky ducks.

9. Hand-me-downs aren’t out of style. They’re vintage!

The Not Vanilla

The Not Vanilla

10. Different generations/different interests. Don’t worry, though, the love’s still there.

Tumblr (demiigifs)

Tumblr (demiigifs)

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