10 Things You Thought Were Illegal That Are Actually Legal

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Most of us have been taught about the most basic of laws for as long as we can remember. We’re told not to do certain things for fear of getting arrested and being thrown in jail — the possibility of which is far more dramatic when you’re a little kid who is scared of everything. But some of those “illegal” activities we were warned about as children actually aren’t illegal. Yes, it’s true: some of things you’ve thought your whole life were against the law are perfectly legal. Whether it’s societal taboos, scare tactics from parents or silly urban legends, we’ve been led to believe that some really weird things are not allowed. And since we’ve always believed that, we probably never thought to look them up to do some fact checking.

That’s what I’m here for! These so-called illegal activities won’t get you thrown in a jail cell immediately, but that doesn’t mean they’re 100% kosher. Some are frowned upon, some are in a weird legal gray area and others can still get you in some sort of trouble. I don’t mean to encourage any deviant behavior, but I want to give you a general knowledge of what’s going on with your legal system. Between state laws to federal laws, there are tons of legal glitches that are worth noting. Obviously, don’t do the things that are morally heinous, but everything else? Totally in legal bounds. These 10 things you thought were illegal are actually perfectly legal:

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