10 Items You’ll Need In Your Purse to Survive Prom

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Prom is coming up and it's time to prepare your handbag essentials. Once you've picked out your dress and your purse for the big day, it's time to stock up on supplies! Besides the OBV essentials like your cell and ID, you're going to need a few other items on hand throughout the night. So, not only are we going to tell you where you can buy these items but we're also going to tell you where you can get them for the lowest price!

There are many items you need in your purse for prom. Everything from lipgloss to floss can be necessary! Take a look at our list of handbag essentials below. Check out everything you need to have a flawless prom night and then tell us, which item do you think is the most important? Are we missing any essentials? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Lipgloss. You're going to need lipgloss on standby in case your first coat wears off throughout the night! Try this nine-piece e.l.f. Lip Cube with Juicy tube component! There are multiple colors so you can find the one you like best and put it in your purse! Get it for only $7.00 from Target HERE!


2. Floss. You're going to be eating throughout the night, so you should pack your floss! Take a quick trip to the restroom with your floss to make sure you don't having anything stuck in your teeth! Get this Oral-B Essential Floss for only $1.47 from Target HERE!


3. Compact mirror. You're going to need a compact to check out your makeup and apply your lipgloss during the night! Check out this Kiss & Makeup Mirror Compact from Forever 21! You can get it for only $3.80 HERE!

Forever 21

4. Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover. Spill something on your dress during the night? No worries, IF you have the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover in your purse! You can get one for only $2.94 from Walmart HERE!


5. Heel pads. After hours of dancing your feet are going to hurt! Get these Dr. Scholl's Women's Massaging Gel Heel Cushions to put in your handbag! That way, if your feet are aching you can put these on and feel instantly better! Get them for $5.68 from Walmart HERE!


6. Gum or breath mints. Keep a fresh breath the entire night with a pack of gum or breath mints! You can get any kind at your local gas station or grocery store.


7. Lint Roller. Just in case you encounter any animals or lint during the night, pack a lint brush! Get a Translucent Travel Lint Pic-Up® Roller for only $1.99 from the Container Store! It's small enough to fit in your purse! Purchase one HERE!

The Container Store

8. Deodorant. If you're going to be dancing the night away, you're also going to be sweating! Get a travel sized deodorant to throw in your purse! You won't regret it! Get it for $1.27 at your local CVS store or HERE!


9. Bobby pins. Just in case your prom 'do comes undone, have a stash of bobby pins in your purse. Get a big set for only $3.49 from CVS! They offer a variety of bobby pins, so pick out the style you like best HERE!


10. Tissues. You never know what's going to happen at prom! Be prepared for any spills, mascara mishaps, or lipstick-on-teeth moments with these tissues from CVS. Get the Total Home by CVS Facial Tissue Soft & Strong 2-Ply, 8 Pack for only $2.49 HERE!


Plus, need help with your prom makeup? Check out this video for great eyeliner tips!

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