15 Things You Definitely Ruined in 2016

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2016 was not the best year. I am not the only person who has told you this, of course — if there is one thing that should have been drilled into your head at this point, it is that very few things about the year of our Lord 2016 can actually be considered “good,” in any sense of the word — but it is a thought that I have nonetheless, and one I will not feel totally done with until I spend some time cataloging exactly why it was so awful. There was the election. The untimely demise of the Vine app. Harambe.
You get the point. The point is, this year was not the best one! With any luck, better things will come in 2017, and 2016 will go down as the most objectively garbage year in human history. (Though, uh, the previews aren’t looking too promising, if you get my drift.)

Still, while you may not have been single-handedly responsible for the Harambe meme, the truth is that there are very few of us who did not help bring about the destruction of 2016. Indeed, we all had a hand it in, and we must all take some of the credit. Don’t believe me? Check out these things you definitely helped ruin in 2016:

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